• INSPO journal

    Well, I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. I've been stopped many times by the way the blog should look, the kind of content I should post and perfectionism has stopped me from writing! But, you know what? I am OBSESSED with home dêcor and design, and I really do n eed an outlet, so that I don't annoy everyone in my life with "real talk: can we discuss shapes of a dining table" every day. So, this is an invitation, if you're into this kind of stuff, to follow along! 

    A bit about me:

    1) I'm a redheaded graphic designer/art director for a Canadian furniture retailer (who I shall not name specifically in this article, but if you search around my site you will be able to figure it out!)

    2) I am a shameless cat mom! V obsessed with my cat Penny. I have always been a dog person, but she changed me. Seriously, go get yourself a kitten from the SPCA.

    3) I love accessories, style, décor, design, art, colour, admiring DIY's (Im not really much of a DIY-er, but I do love when someone pulls one off that looks better than just purchasing something new), I almost NEVER wear pants. Ohhhhhhh yes ;) , haha no - just kidding, for some reason I just love dresses and skirts. Once I figured out that if you wear a dress to work, its like going to work in pajamas, I never went back.

    4) I'm an introvert to the core. Cut the small talk, and lets just lounge at (our own individual) home and text each other, right???

    5) My partner is a Teacher, we will call him Mr. V here, and we just moved from beautiful beachy White Rock to Coquitlam (where I grew up!)

    So, what are the contents of this amazing blog going to be, you ask?

    As I just mentioned above, I just moved, and I'm changing LOTS about my place. I'm going to start with some mood board planning, and then some "before/current" photos. I've got a lot of my furniture in, but not a ton really SET up. So, welcome to the INSPO journal. Full of thoughts, images, inspo and a journal of where I'm at. 

    If you are into following along with a more immediate part of my life, I am also on insta! Follow me here.


    (ps. thats my cat, Penny in the left photo!)