• let's talk about LITTER BOXES

    so, if you know me at all, you know that I am OBSESSED with Penelope-Lloyd (our baby cat that we adopted from the SPCA last year). I love our cat, and while I want our home to really feel like its her home too, I do have an issue with the litter box. 

    In our old home, we had two bedrooms, so the second bedroom became what i called the "poop palace", which was essentially her litter box, my accessory collection, my desk which I never sat at and a bed for friends or family who slept over (which, by the way, never happened). 

    It was perfect for storing it away so we didn't have to think about it, but now that we've moved into our new place, i've been struggling to find a good spot for it. 

    Currently it's sitting in the space below our tiny built in desk. Ideally, this would be my (or OUR) workspace but right now, it feels like the only space where we can hide the kitty litter and give our baby Pen some privacy while she does her private business. So that's going to need to change. 

    In my dreams, this is what my desk would look like:


    (which, a big L-O-L to that, because it's a tiny built in desk, but a girl can dream!) Currently, it's a bit preoccupied. 

    SO, in an effort to find myself a solution to this problem, and also for all of those people out there astounded by the looming reality that their cats have indeed taken over their homes and there is no hope to be stylish AND have a one bedroom apartment AND have a litter not fret, because there is hope indeed. 

    I have found the beauty of all litter boxes: 


    I KNOW, it's amazing. It's also the cat equivalent to $1 million dollars. So, I will give you an update on whether I could find some loving carpenter to make this and fill the hole in my heart left by a litter box or if I ventured into the world of DIY-ing this bad boy...because tbh it doesn't seem that difficult??? *she says with an infalted ego* 

    If you're in need of one ASAP and would like to skip the DIY, you can find some pretty nice ones here:

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    Welp, that's me. This is my life. Litter boxes, desks, the internet. Here we are.