• in the bedroom...

    I know the title sounds intriguing, and trust me, this post is going to fill some kind of need, though I'm not sure it will be the one you were looking for. 

    Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSIVE about home décor and design. I find something I love, I look at the price tag, I obsess over the spend and then find myself falling down the rabbit hole of assessing and attempting to reject and guilt my own privilege. 

    "do I NEED this?" 

    "will my life be better if I have it?"

    "think about all of those other people who don't even HAVE one of these and now I'm going to spend *insert dollar amount* one a new one, when I already have one?!?" 

    but, aside from my own personal torment of having a hobby that seems unnecessary and over the top to some (Mr. V, I'm lookin' at you) instead of one that involves collecting baseball cards, owning an impressive amount of vintage instruments or having an insane makeup bag, I do have one dilemma.

    I'm not very good at decorating bedrooms. 

    I WANT to be, but I'm just not. Growing up, all of the decorating power I had was in my bedroom. Living at home, I had that ONE room to make my own. I used to love redecorating my room. My sister and I (well, mainly me, she was like 8) devised this plan, where we would tell our Mom that we wanted to "switch bedrooms" almost every summer. This way, she'd allow us to reimagine, repaint and redecorate our bedrooms. It worked for a few years, we got the annual trip to IKEA and Canadian Tire to help us refresh our spaces, we'd trade furniture and during the week my sister and I would take the bus together to good ole downtown Port Coquitlam and hit up the Salvation Army where we would find of my favourite treasures. 

    So I know that sounds like a really interesting origin story about my pathway to obsessive decorating, but I'm sure you're wondering, "if you've had so much experience decorating the one and only room you could claim as your own, how could you be bad at decorating bedrooms?"

    I guess it comes down to the fact that when you have ONE room, that room needs to be lots of things. An expression of your personal style and taste, a space to work or study, a space to sleep and rest and a place lounge and relax. I used to imagine my bedroom like a tiny studio apartment. And, I will say so myself, I was good at that. What I'm not so good at, is making a bedroom, JUST a bedroom. 

    My favourite bedroom in my adult life has been my last one:

    Looking back now, I wish I had taken more photos of it. This one was just from a comfy Sunday morning with my BAE (Mr. V, of course - ew, I hate that I just said BAE...and capitalised it!) who was actually sitting on the other side of the bed! 

    Anyway, my new point of obsession is the bedroom, in this new place. I'm not exactly sure what my plan is yet, but I'll post some of the rooms I am drawing inspiration from! What have you done to make your bedroom feel extra "you"? What is your favourite part of your bedroom? Share! I'd love to know!